How to reserve a holiday letting in Fort Lauderdale

Flanked by the holiday hot spots of Miami and Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale is ideally located on the southeast coast of Florida with the white sand beaches of the Gulf of Mexico lying at the disposal of all those who flock to holiday rentals in Fort Lauderdale. Known as the ‘Venice of America’ due to its surroundings of oceans, the New River and a maze of inland waterways, Fort Lauderdale is a wonderfully scenic, natural place to visit, with long, sunny days and plenty of entertainment keep visitors with a smile on their faces.

In what is often referred to as the ‘Venice of America’, holiday rental acommodation in Fort Lauderdale will never be far from one of the canals that form an intricate network across much of this cosmopolitan city on the south east coast of Florida – villa and apartment rentals in Fort Lauderdale also being found within easy reach of a coastline that not only boasts a selection of stunning beaches but an assortment of prestigious marinas, so anyone with a love of sailing, watersports and fishing will find plenty to keep them occupied without having to go much further than their holiday accommodation. Fort Lauderdale also has one of the largest and most popular arts and entertainment districts along the east coast, with an incredible selection of art galleries, museums, theatres, nightclubs and restaurants, so if a love of culture has attracted you to Florida, condo and apartment rentals in Fort Lauderdale will give you the chance to devote every available moment to shopping, sightseeing and having as much fun as you can cram into one vacation! In a destination of such variety and versatility, this is an excellent location for a family vacation with something to delight everyone, and finding yourself in the ‘sunshine state’ of the USA, holiday rental accommodation in Fort Lauderdale is somewhere to head for whenever you want to escape from the cold and gloomy weather of home – particularly when it’s hot and dry throughout much of the year in Florida.

Fort Lauderdale has an image for being a party town due to its popularity as a spring break holiday destination. Despite this image, it is actually an area with a huge amount of cultural and historic interest for 51 weeks of the year. The spring break week, when Fort Lauderdale becomes filled with beer swilling, scantily clad youths is either late March or early April, and, unless you enjoy the idea, is best avoided!

The beaches in the area are one of the largest attractions for those taking holiday rental accommodation in Fort Lauderdale. Villas on the beach in the area are absolutely astonishing, with palm framed views of the sunset burning their way into your memory every evening, and the white, soft sands of Fort Lauderdale’s beaches providing a pinnacle of quality for any beach lover. The clear, warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico are the perfect temperature for a refreshing dip almost all year round, whilst the reliable sea breezes and marine life rich waters mean that water sports from sailing to scuba diving, windsurfing to the regions most celebrated sport, deep sea fishing thrive.

A holiday rental in Fort Lauderdale or the surrounding area is also a great choice for golfers. There are a range of fantastic courses to play around Fort Lauderdale, open all year round and incorporating natural hazards and causing even seasoned golfers some problems.


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