How to reserve a holiday letting in Alonissos, Greece

The small, yet perfectly formed island of Alonissos has so far been relatively untouched by tourism, giving holidaymakers the unique opportunity to experience the rare and authentic Greece. Alonissos is an Island, situated in the Aegean Sea, east of mainland Greece. It is the third and smallest of the Sporades group of islands, after the more well known Skiathos, and Skopelos. With little in the way of mainstream tourism here the best way to experience the island is to rent a villa or holiday home.

Rent a typical country cottage and you’ll find holiday accommodation in the Greek Islands that is entirely in-keeping with the atmosphere of rustic bliss that envelops an island that seems to have been missed out when it came to modern development, something that can only be a good thing for those who choose holiday rental accommodation in Alonnissos simply to enjoy a truly authentic rural experience in a destination where ancient customs and traditions still form an important part of everyday life on this uniquely charming Greek Island. Holiday apartments and villas in Alonnissos are another popular option and can be found in many peacefully secluded situations throughout an island renowned for its outstanding natural beauty and a spectacular coastline, much of which is protected as part of a marine conservation programme, holiday accommodation here never being too far away from the nearest beach or miles of unspoilt scenic landscapes, so if you have a passion for the great outdoors, you’ll find such a rich variety spreading out from your own doorstep that you might thinking about a return visit to your cottage or villa rental before you’ve even left for home!

Alonissos is the perfect location for families and couples, who want to sit back, relax and enjoy the sun! Once you’ve found your ideal villa or holiday home to rent you might not want to leave it, whether you’re on a hillside overlooking a village and the sea, or right near the beach. The beautiful pebble beaches are one of the island’s highlights, and at less than 3 miles by 12.5 miles exploring the island is quick and easy.

When you do fancy a day or evening away from your villa or any other holiday accommodation, head to the village of Alonissos (known locally as Chora). Set on a hillside the views are picture perfect and you can enjoy some authentic Greek souvlaki in one of the local tavernas. The port of Patitiri nearby is a little busier, and is your entry and exit point to the island. Alonissos is situated within the Marine Park, the largest of its kind in Europe. Keep a look out from your villa, or the beach, for the local population of Mediterranean Monk Seals.

Alonissos is just 2 nautical miles from the neighbouring island of Skopelos, and a little further from Skiathos, putting these two islands within easy reach of your villa or holiday home. Both islands are busier than Alonissos, and the main attractions are the beaches.


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