Tabarca Island: A Natural Reserve Of beauty

There is no argument to the statement that Spain is the most magnificent and breathtaking countries in Europe, add the fact that it is a geographically and historically diverse country. The pristine blue water of the Mediterranean Sea envelope Spain as it surrounds all three sides. Tabarca Island is very famous island in spain.

Tabarca Island is just 1800 meters long and only 380 meters wide. It is located 20 km south of Alicante and radiates its pirating past. With old battlements and watchtowers, the small village on the island has a picturesque feel to it that is hard to explain.

The Pirate Island

Home to many pirate battles and sieges, the tiny island is littered with remnants of old battles won and lost. The village and small port are fortified with stone walls from the 1800s and there are watchtowers still standing along the coastline. Outside of the village, in the fields, is an old defensive tower and station that was also once used as a state prison.

The Tourist Island

There are quite a few historical sites on the island considering how small it is. The gates of San Gabriel, San Miguel and San Rafael as well as the House of the Governor are wonderful sights to see. There is also the old baroque Church of San Pedro y Pablo. Any art lovers have got to check out themuseum on the island that hosts a collection of miniature oil-painted rocks. The beaches and coves on the island are lovely and there is a submarine themed ride available from the village.

The natural environment is what really stands out on Tabarca Island. There is a large population of rare birds that occupy the island and various other plants and animals not seen on the mainland. The wildlife and flora of the island make it a truly unique tourist destination in the region.

The close vicinity to the city of Alicante makes Tabarca Island a perfect one-day side trip for anyone staying in the area. The local restaurants serve specialty dishes of fresh fish and octopus and the terraced and open-aired shops and businesses provide a perfect opportunity to buy those unique souvenirs for friends and family back home. For anyone who decides to stay overnight on the island, there are plenty of wonderful hotel rooms and seaside villas to rent. Any tourist that is visiting Alicante or the Costa Blanca region in general should make it a point to stop by Tabarca Island and take-in the natural beauty of this island paradise.Learn more about vakantiehuis spanje

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