St Lucia Holidays: Chance to Discover Maria Islands Nature Reserve

The Maria Islands are special reserve in St Lucia which offers a lot to explore and you can visit this place in St Lucia holidays. This place was declared a Nature Reserve in 1982 by the Government of Saint Lucia in acknowledgment of their extraordinary purpose as a wildlife habitat and their unique fauna and flora. There are more than eighty species available on this island and you can enjoy all of them while enjoying holidays in St Lucia. This reserve is the home for five most rare reptile species found on Maria Islands. One of them is world’s rarest snake the Kouwés snake and others are The Worm Snake, The Saint Lucia whiptail, Rock geckos and The Pygmy. Few more species are available here from undisturbed tropical plants and different species of cacti on the perpendicular cliff. This island is known for beautiful attractions and that is why many of the tourists plan their St Lucia tours on regular basis.

This place is located just one half mile from Pointe sable on the South East coast of Saint Lucia. This island is also popular place for migratory birds and many of the birds travel thousands of miles from the west coast of Africa to this island every year. They find nest on this place every year and if you are planning St Lucia holidays you can see variety of birds resting on the tree branches or just chirping here and there. Usually nestling season runs from May to August month so if you are planning holidays in St Lucia in these months you can visit this natural reserve to enjoy colorful migratory birds. You can also enjoy cheap holidays to St Lucia as this reserve offer free admission.

The National Trust of Saint Lucia has been conducting unique environmental education tours to Maria Islands from the early 1980s. The Maria Island tour in St Lucia holidays is a wonderful outing for the nature lover. The knowledgeable guide accompanies you to Maria Major Reserves in a local fishing boat, which pulls onto dry land on one of the most stunning white sand beaches. If you haven’t booked your holidays to St. Lucia you can try booking last minute holidays to St Lucia. Water around the island is surrounded by coral reefs and it makes this place great for snorkeling. You can enjoy a good blend of nature, wildlife and different species in St Lucia holidays.

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