Flotation machine is widely spread in our mining industry

Widely used in copper ore flotation machine flotation, gold ore and molybdenum mine equipment selection, then the routine use of flotation

machines which need attention na?

First, the flotation devices on the rational use of

1, a flotation ore processing equipment to be uniform, not excess.

2, control the pulp density and agents.

3, adjusting the flotation device into the air.

4, the flotation tank may not have wood, rags and other debris.

5, flotation equipment, parking, parking shall be in the ball mill after 20 minutes before stopping.

Second, flotation equipment operation and inspection of

1, a pre-preparation, rack, motor base, loose screws on the main bearings.

2, flotation equipment, tank leaks.

3, flotation equipment, scraper and scraper shaft is intact.

4, flotation devices if the tank debris.

5, slurry pipes are kept clear.

6, each lubrication point whether there is oil.

7, V-belt tension should be appropriate.

8, the pulley installed without loosening.

9, V-belt is a broken trace.

10, knife switch box is intact.

11 ministries screws, contacts are good.

Third, methods of operation to drive the order of

1, close the switch box knife. 2, move the pulley by hand after that you can start light unimpeded by the start button, and pay attention to the

sound of the motor. 3, the scraper motor starting, normal operation can be everything to mine. The order of 1 parking, parking, parking shall be

twenty minutes in the ball mill and then stop the motor rotation.

2, stopped motor scraper, pull down the switch box knife.

3, without notice, blackout, you can pull down the switch box.

Flotation machine classification

Types of mechanical flotation machine flotation machine, inflatable flotation machine, flotation machine or hybrid inflatable flotation machine,

gas precipitation flotation machine.

Mechanical flotation machine

Mechanical flotation machine and stirring the pulp of the inflatable are achieved by a mechanical agitator, air flotation machine is outside the

Self-priming flotation machines, pneumatic stirrer suction pump with similar characteristics, both air and self-absorption self absorption slurry.

Mechanical flotation machine (commonly known as type A) which is characterized by:

First, the cover is installed on the guide vanes 18 to 20.

Second, the impeller, cover, vertical axis, the intake pipe, bearings, pulleys and other assembled – a whole part.

Third, the trough installed in a circle around the vertical fin plate to prevent the pulp produced vortex.

Inflatable agitated flotation machine

Its characteristics are:

1, inflated the amount of easy to separate regulation;

2, mechanical stirrer wear small;

3, the sorting index is better;

4, power consumption low.

Inflatable flotation machine

1, structural features: no mechanical stirrer is no transmission components;

2, inflatable features: inflatable device, the bubble size by the inflator restructuring;

3, bubbles mixed with the slurry characteristics: upstream mixed.

Uses: treatment composed of simple, high-grade, easy to choose ore sweep the election.

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