Copper mountain mining and mineral processing equipment

Underground mining processing equipment, mining depth is generally 300 ~ 800m individual above 1000m. Its pioneering method, based on the occurrence of the topography of the deposit and the ore body, size and burial depth, usually the shaft open up, flat hole to develop, jointly developing and inclined four methods.

Major Mine Development: Copper of Hujiayu mine south ditches Hang Hau and Paulownia ditch Hang Hau flat hole, the shaft is jointly developing; Grate ditch mine 669m elevation above the flat hole chute to open up, 669m below the level hole blind shaft development; Tongkuangyu mine level hole chute, vice shaft is jointly developing. Phoenix Mountains of Tongling copper in a single hybrid shaft explore the; Tongguanshan Peace hole to open up the shaft, inclined shaft, blind shaft. Copper in copper recorded in Daye Hill III, Ⅴ orebody the footwall center shaft development; Chek Masan flat hole – shaft jointly developing; Longjiaoshan flat hole to open up the blind shaft; abundance of caves under the plate shaft ramp to open up.

Copper central Yunnan Province, Dongchuan, China mine flat hole – shaft jointly developing the snow mine flat hole, chute, auxiliary shaft open up, abuse mudflat mine flat hole, chute, auxiliary inclined to open up. The Yimen copper Shishan, Fengshan flat hole – shaft joint to open up. Mouding the copper Haojiatai River Upper ore block level hole blind inclined to open up, the central with skip inclined to open up. The upper part of the Dayao Copper oxide with a flat hole, chute, Auxiliary Blind inclined jointly open up, the lower part of the sulfide ore skip shaft, chute, Shimen, assisted blind inclined to open up the joint. Dongxiang Copper Mine is the main auxiliary shaft and inclined to open up the joint; to open up the central shaft of the Wushan Copper Mine. Adit development in Liaoning Hongtoushan copper Hang Hau +250 m elevation above +253 m, below the main adit, the use of the hybrid shaft to develop the disk flank; pioneering Chinese copper copper center shaft; the Huanren copper zinc shaft with a flat hole to open up.

Flat hole chute to open up more than the Hebei Shou Wang Fen copper, the upper, that is zero meters in the middle of (the absolute elevation 500m), the lower level hole – shaft jointly developing zero meters in the middle of the following. Than underground mining, open pit mining exploitation of high efficiency, low capital and the winning, but the deposit necessary to have the open-pit mining premise. At present, China for the number of open pit mining of copper deposits, although not a few, but they are large, large deposits. The pioneering method of road transport to explore and combined transport development. Now pioneering the largest open pit Tongchang of Dexing copper deposit, Nanshan District, the formation of the scale of the Nissan ore 10,000 tons in the 1970s, has to expand Chengri production ore capacity 30 000 t in 1989, the third phase of construction of inheritance expand the capacity of mining and construction Kitayama mining area. 2000 will develop Dexing Orefield another large deposits Fujiawu the mining area, when the the Dexing ore fields will become one of the world very large open pit copper mine. Nanshan open stope, the use of motor transport, horizontal stripping method.

In addition, the open-pit mining mines there Jiangxi Yongping Copper Mine, Guangdong Shek  copper two large mines. Yongping mine ditching pioneering horizontal propulsion, the stone  mine-44m above the fixed car trunk transport. Some deposits, first open pit mining, underground mining. Gansu Baiyin copper Zheyaoshan, Flaming Mountain mining area, equal to this pioneering way. In 1959, two mines open pit mining, permanent car cutting the upper part of the wiring to the return of the lower part of the spiral straight to open up. Are open-pit mining or ceased, transferred to the underground mining deep ore bodies.

China’s nonferrous metals open pit mining equipment and blasting technology has made considerable improvement. Turned to the development of large-scale, high-speed and medium-sized open pit equipment, has reached 80 years of the foreign open-pit equipment level. Such as the development of successful KY – YZ-type rotary drill, SQ-type and KQG high pressure DTH rig products series. Made 8 ~ 12m3 shovel has to fill the vacancy of the heavy shovel equipment. SH and CH heavy dump mine car functions, electric wheel vehicles have been batch produced.

Mine new gunpowder, blasting materials and blasting technology is developing rapidly. A variety of non-electric systems for open pit different types of homework premise perfected. A wide range of products and technologies has reached the world to improve the level of the older generation, and has been exported to foreign countries. Mining technology to enhance and strengthen the technology governance, mining equipment labor produced has been significant progress. The early 1980s, such as Jiangxi Copper Company open-pit full of labor to produce rate 1653 [t / (person · a)] progress to the 1990s to 8342t / (person · a).

The Guangdong the stone  copper from the early 1980s 2746t / (a) the progress to the 1990s to 4467t / (person · a). Mineral resources be used effectively, mining loss and ore dilution ratio is also a significant decline. Mining loss rate dropped to 2.33 percent from 3.84 percent in 1990 to 1996.

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