Mining IT Infrastructure Outsourcing Potentials with RIMO


To be saved from the complexities of handling staff issues and for cost-saving purposes many businesses adopted the outsourcing approach for dealing with their IT projects. However, many fumbled and encountered failures. Handling the IT outsourcing process is not an easy job, and without an efficient management system the decisions made can affect a business adversely. IT infrastructure outsourcing requires flexibility and proper communication channels.

As time progresses, IT projects are becoming more complex. These projects require in-depth knowledge about new technologies and domains, interfacing applications and highly skilled employees. The traditional approach for IT infrastructure management was based on a generic model that did not have the capabilities to satisfy on-demand application requirements according to individual needs and were ostensibly expensive.

As businesses continued their search for an ideal model to pursue their IT ventures in a cost-effective manner, a new model — RIMO (remote infrastructure management outsourcing) — was introduced. RIMO, also known as the ‘asset light’ model, is a cloud based service which provides complete support for remote management of IT infrastructure planning including administration, monitoring and problem solving benefits. With the help of this new model, IT engineers are becoming proficient in remote management of networks, storage, desktop support, help desks, control, security and datacenter hosting services.

In the RIMO model, a contract between the client and the service provider is drawn up stating that the provider is responsible for continuous monitoring of the client’s IT infrastructure, identifying the probabilities of any emerging issues, providing corrective solutions and resolving existing issues from a remote location. All these services are provided either on a per device basis, as monthly fees or on the basis of time and materials. This gives businesses the leeway to manage their IT infrastructure in a cost-effective manner.
With this new RIMO model, clients can move their assets easily to other centers according to situational demands, such as growth in business, increase in IT volume or changing technological destinations. Due to its flexible nature, the controlling power is vested with the buyers rather than the owners of desktops, servers, data centers, etc. Competition is evoked based on pricing, competency levels and customization. Customers can judge based on what they are being charged, which facilitates controlling their assets, saving on hiring employees and working on the core areas of their business.

RIMO has delivered an overwhelming response as it leverages enterprise efficiency with streamlined processes. It facilitates customers by taking complete responsibility of IT infrastructure outsourcing management, from planning, evaluation and acquisition to deployment and training cycles, thus providing customers the freedom to concentrate on their core requisites.


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