Chinese Banking Sector Poised For Robust Growth

As per our new research report China Banking Sector Analysis, China’s banking industry has undergone tremendous changes during the last 60 years. Despite the heavy slowdown in the economy, the banking sector continued to post healthy growth in the recent years. As per our estimations, the banking assets are forecasted to grow at a CAGR of around 14% during 2011- 2014.

The main reasons for the growth of this industry are the increased demand for household as well as corporate financing and improved economic conditions in the country. Besides, various other strong fundamental drivers discussed and analyzed in the report will enable the banking assets to sustain its upward growth trend in the coming years.

Further, our report has analyzed that, despite fast growth, Chinese banking industry is suffering from many limitations. An underdeveloped credit system, a lack of risk management, policy lending, and above all, poor governance and a lack of transparency, are some of the fundamental problems that are still troubling the countrys banking industry.

Apart from this, our report has identified emerging trends and potential areas, such as e-banking, growing acceptance of payment cards, mortgage financing, rural banking, increasing loans to small and medium enterprises, which will decide the future of the banking industry in the country.

Besides, our report discusses each of the banking performance indicators in-detail. Under loans and deposits section, the reports talks about each of the verticals, such as corporate and household loans. Our report also features forecast for each key-banking segment to provide better understanding of the banking sector in the country.

Our report China Banking Sector Analysis” is an outcome of extensive research and detailed study of banking sector in China. The report discusses each indicator of the banking system performance in detail, supplemented with quantitative data, and prudent analysis. It also tells the clients direction, in which, the banking sector is likely to move in coming years. Additionally, the report analyses the pattern of macroeconomic variables and their impact on the banking sector.

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