Toronto Airport Options

If you plan to avoid the winter blues or enjoy a seaside summer vaction, it is worth considering what airport in Torronto your going to fly from when your booking your ticket. Toronoto has four major airports within an hour of the city. So what are your choices when flying from Toronto?

Toronto Airports: All the options

There is nothing worse than having to put up with the ridiculous waiting times at some major airports. Sometimes its quicker to drive to an airport a further thirty kilometres away to avoid standing in line for hours and being forced to search all over an airport for your luggage. So lets look at each Toronto Airport individually and way up the options.

*Lester B. Pearson International Airport is the largest of all Toronto Airports. It accepts flights from all major airlines such as Delta, Air France, Air Canada and American Airlines as well as serving over one hundred and eighty five destinations. The only issue is because of its size it is a very busy airport so waiting times are very long and there are large distances between terminals.

*The great thing about Toronto City Centre Airport is it’s location. It is right in the centre of Toronto’s downtown area. Amenities and service is quick and friendly. One major drawback is that only one carrier serves this airport, Candian and a couple of U.S. cities are on the route but destinations are limited.

*Less than an hour away is Hamilton International Airport. It is a small regional airport so don’t expect a lot of amenities. But on the plus side compared to a major airport security lines move rather quickly. Hamilton serves twenty three destinations in Canada, the U.S. and Europe.

*Its not well known but a third of travellers at Buffalo Niagra International Airport come from Canada. It is for this reason that this airport cannot be dismissed when choosing your airport from which to depart. Also because this airport is actually stateside, airfares to U.S. destinations are actual cheaper. The airport serves twenty five destinations and is only one hundred and seventy five km from Toronto.

Flights from Toronto: Choosing Your Airport

When purchasing your flight consider whether you have to fly with a big airline such as Air Canda, Delta or one of the others? When you remove the perks such as loyalty air miles, booking with a small regional airline works out cheaper. Some travellers swear by flying out from the smaller regional airports whilst others just prefer the amenities major airports have to offer. Just keep in mind the wait in the security line you’ll have when choosing your airport.

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