The Economy Is Collapsing And The U.S. Gov’s Manipulated Numbers Will Not Stop It – Episode 585

Get economic collapse news throughout the day visit More news visit Report date: 2.06.2015 The Greek people ar…

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  1. Calling Putin a mental case. What a troll like tactic. Weak.

  2. All being manipulated were on our way to the black horse

  3. By my recconing the second US civil war wont last that long, the people
    will end up being backed by the millitary , the police will run hide and
    burn there uniforms the politicians will flee overseas or to there bunkers.
    Or they will unleash the ultimate false flag in a last gasp better to rule
    over ash than rule over nothing and face the peoples justice.

  4. cant wait for the u.s.a to collapse, that would be a dream come true

  5. I think I already said this once; what about E V E R Y B O D Y goes on
    strike for ONE DAY only, see what happens next. I really mean E V E R Y B O
    D Y , the supermarket, the grocery, the factory, the police, fire brigade,
    EMS, hospital, restaurant, hotel, dentist, doctor, mail, electricity, gas
    station, public transport, everything!!! impossible? yes I know, but just
    imagine what would happen? You people have more power as you even can
    imagine!!! what was the song-text again? oh yes, you mean ………… “Do
    you hear the people sing, singing a song of angry men, it is the music of a
    people who will NOT be slaves again, when the beating of your heart echoes
    the beating of the drums, there is a life about to start when tomorrow
    comes” (Les Miserables)

  6. Ive given up looking for work, we dont travel, we dont save anymore. We
    dont buy stuff.
    Me, i just wait for the shoe to drop.

  7. “We think he has Aspergers”, I think Obummer is a homosexual ‘married’ to a
    transvestite name Michael O.o

  8. Dave, you called the radio shack collapse! good job on your analysis.

  9. Maybe some people quit their jobs because they hate work and selling
    themselves like a prostitute slave not because they are a piece of crap. 

  10. Actually they went there to tell him to back off from Ukraine and if they
    don’t back off the will put some more sanctions.
    America and some countries of Europe under the same governments umbrella ,
    and that is the “Jewish Zionist umbrella”

    Everything is a world chess game

  11. I am not ashamed to reveal who I am or what I do. I am with you. What is up
    with all of these other anonymous bloggers….? I am who I am and I am
    proud of my beliefs and I support you and you information. Again thank you.

  12. The Chinese are interested in only one thing; business. They have beat the
    west at their own game. The west has missed a great opportunity to join
    with China as a business partner and has opted rather to provoke China into
    the arms of Russia all the while repeating the word “communist.” China is
    now the capitolistic leader and the west is more communist.

  13. When the Supreme Court made murder legal, we sealed our own doom. Thank the
    Democrats and the Republicans for destroying the rule of law. The
    government has stopped protecting the weak. They protect the perverts and
    homos and everything that goes against the 10 Commandments. They have no
    Christian values. The god of the Jews is Satan. Our Lady will crush our
    enemies, the Jews and Satan. Do not forget the Rosary every day. 

  14. Moscow’s key mistake was to allow Russia’s domestic industry to be financed
    by external, dollar-denominated debt. Talk about a monster debt trap which
    can be easily manipulated by the West. The first step for Moscow should be
    to closely supervise its banks. Russian companies should borrow
    domestically and move to sell their assets abroad. Moscow should also
    consider implementing a system of currency controls so the basic interest
    rate can be brought down quickly.

  15. Starting to buy canned goods and bottled water before it”s too late. As
    always, great job Dave!

  16. so a nation with the reserve currency that rates other currencies, puts
    sanctions on other countries, spies on other countries and wages war all
    over the world think they can simply suppress oil from falling and
    manipulate gold and get away with it? They can dig a hole and hide or run
    to mars but eventually people will come after them

  17. +X22Report

    The Economy Is Collapsing And The U.S. Gov’s Manipulated Numbers Will Not
    Stop It – Episode 585

    Published on Feb 6, 2015
    Get economic collapse news throughout the day visit
    More news visit
    Report date: 2.06.2015

    The Greek people are protesting and supporting their new government. Greece
    is looking to boost economic cooperation with Russia. Eurogroup Gives
    Greece 10 Day Ultimatum, bailouts or exit. The manipulated job numbers were
    released today and all the numbers were revised. Chinese rating agency said
    the collapse is coming and it will be worse than 2008. Sanction against
    North Korea have been expanded. Ukraine might implement martial law. US and
    NATO are preparing for WWIII. Obama wants full congressional power for
    unlimited war.

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  18. The bailout was never 700 billion, it was 13 trillion (to only their
    buddies) ,read Nomi Prins, “It Takes A Pillage”.

    The FED and your Government have robbed you blind, and YOU ARE BLIND. WAKE

    They are your enemy. They are totally CORRUPT.


    What is left of it.


  19. “Slavery 400 years ago, slavery today. It’s the same, but with a new name.
    They’re practicing slavery under color of law.” (Ruchell Cinque Magee)

    The 13th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution retained the right to enslave
    within the confines of prison. “Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude,
    except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly
    convicted, shall exist within the United States or any place subject to
    their jurisdiction.” Dec. 6, 1865.

    Even before the abolition of chattel slavery, America’s history of prison
    labor had already begun in New York’s State Prison at Auburn soon after it
    opened in 1817. Auburn became the first prison that contracted with a
    private business to operate a factory within its walls. Later, in the post
    Civil War period, the “contract and lease” system proliferated, allowing
    private companies to employ prisoners and sell their products for profit.

    Today, such prisons are referred to as “Factories with Fences.”

    Think about what this means for all those high end blue collar types of
    jobs, then all the other businesses immediately related, then all the
    business who derive their incomes from those people who have or will have
    had those high end blue collar jobs.. Just saying..
    You’ve already seen how many oil rig jobs that have been axed..

    Iron Ore Seen Below $40 by Andy Xie as China Steel Demand Drops
    in Commodity News,Dry Bulk Market 07/02/2015

    Iron ore will slump into the $30s a metric ton this year as low-cost
    supplies rise and steel demand in China shrinks, according to Andy Xie, a
    Shanghai-based independent economist who’s forecast a rout for years.
    “When it peaked at $190, I started talking about a collapse and nobody
    believed me,” Shanghai-based Xie, a former Asia-Pacific chief economist at
    Morgan Stanley, said in a phone interview on Thursday. “We need to see
    prices much, much lower. It can still go down through $40 before we bounce
    The raw material used to make steel will probably average $50 this year, a
    level that he’s predicted since 2012, said Xie, who’s tracked the Chinese
    economy for more than two decades. Prices need to decline to a level that’s
    so painful higher-cost Chinese mines will be forced to give up, he said.

  21. Under the direction of technocrats and world bankers, 2015 will be a year
    of further loss of wealth, prosperity, and sovereignty. Nations will
    continue to pile up more debt, going beyond their GDP, increasing their
    “off-balance sheet” figures, and ultimately destroying any possibility of

    The solution has always been provided and that will be a new monetary
    system spawned and created by the very same people who made the mess in the
    first place.

    Keep an eye on the mainstream media for more talk of this in 2015. 

    While the international corporations wallow in profits, their workers are
    feeling the pain of unemployment, low wages, and rising prices for just
    about everything. THIS IS UNSUSTAINABLE ! The world economy is based on
    “consumerism”. When the consumers can’t (or won’t) continue to consume, the
    whole system collapses. THIS IS ALREADY HAPPENING !
    CONSIDER – 110 million Americans on government assistance – fully 1/3 of
    the population. ALAS, BABYLON……..

  23. the latest Medical Marijuana/Legalization movement happening around the
    world now, is the red flag dudes ,, tho it is something that the world
    needs, the side-effect of it tho, will inject tons of capital ‘billions”
    into the market, extremely fast & will probably cause the biggest crash
    that the world has ever experienced.. isnt paying a high price for
    something good & in so much demand, a common pattern in the market ? ..
    yep you better believe it .. because only the smart money can dictate the

  24. A good post. Certainly it is against all the ‘positive speak’ at present.
    It’s amazing how this appalling economic situation just keeps going on and
    on. But without doubt so many are not affected by the present downturn at
    all – eg government employees, many in big companies, military, fire,
    police, bank, wall street, financers, utility workers, transport
    workers etc etc…For them it’s just another day in Noddy Land.

  25. complacency is rife, many “new” investors have forgotten about what capital
    preservation is all about, nobody ever went broke taking profits… retails
    poured record levels of fresh $ into ETFs in NOV/DEC… same old story, get
    mom and pop in at/near the top, and then the rug gets pulled.

    Volatility is back to stay.

  26. at the bottom of any great depression when there are bankruptcies
    everywhere, you have the opportunity to buy financial and hard assets for
    pennies on the dollar.
    however, you must have the staying power to pull through the great
    depression in order to reap your profit when the recovery arrives

  27. Some days I scan all the news and of course listen to this channel and the
    rest of the non-msm channels I follow and think- maybe I’m wrong? Maybe all
    these people predicting collapse (of different types) are wrong? Are
    preppers crazy? Are gold bugs? Are these people just using us and playing
    on our fears? Using us to sell stuff?

    Then I wake up :)

  28. Looks like we’re all waiting for Japan to implode.

  29. Happy New Year David , Thank for your tried less effects to brings us up
    date news and development !!! The complexity of this fiat system is mind
    exploding but thanks to you ,you make more bearable !!!peace bro in coming
    new year!!

  30. There was NO ‘invasion’ of Crimea, Russia already had troops there! A
    treaty signed between Russia and Ukraine in1997 allowed Russia to have up
    to 25,000 troops in Crimea to protect their Black Sea naval base.

    The majority population in Crimea speaks Russian, identifies with Russia
    and was formally a part of Russia until the region was transferred to
    Ukraine as a largely administrative measure in 1954 when Ukraine and Russia
    were full republics united in one country.

    The Crimea referendum was observed by 135 international observers from 23
    different countries, none of the 135 international observers registered any
    violations. The EODE observer mission concluded that the referendum was
    conducted freely and fairly.

    80% of the people in Crimea actually turned out to vote, and 95% of those
    votes cast were in favour of joining Russia.

  31. Japan in the 80’s had the highest personal and corporate savings on the
    planet – when they lowered their interest rates it caused stock and real
    estate prices to decline for 17 years. America should have learned from
    that – let the pain come and clean out the house the healthy way to plant a
    foundation for a real and sustained contraction of services and goods.
    Now the USA fed is so strung out on printing money – they are craving a
    fix, so look out for QE 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 .10, 11, 12 ,13 ,14, 15, 16, 17,
    18 – 1,0000

  32. Warren Buffet recently gave “advice” on how the middle class should invest
    their savings next year. He said: put 90% of your savings into index-funds
    in 2015, despite even his own indicators saying the market is getting
    extremely overpriced.

    He also said to stay away from gold and silver as they are too risky and
    you will probably lose. (Gold/silver is pretty underpriced now, look at the
    charts and current events and you’ll see why you should buy).

    This comes from a man who has successfully won in every major crash we’ve
    had these last decades. He came out strong in 87′, 09′, and will now
    possibly in 2015-16. He makes most of his fortune after crashes, that
    certainly tells you something. He even said he wished for another crash to
    occur before he passes away a couple of years ago, obviously he wants
    another crash to grow his fortune.

    Never trust a man with 9 or more zero’s to his name…

  33. 100% correct Dave, Excellent!

  34. Should we pull out of the stock market (convert pensions SIPPs to cash?) –
    seems a lot of growth may be just currency devaluation so that would mean
    keeping real assets but does that include stocks now I wonder. What’s the
    real barometer of value when currency is toilet paper… I see a global
    slowdown across world indexes but niche stock like healthcare is
    skyrocketing due to a progressively ageing population. Boomers will be
    looking to spend their retirement payouts on new knees, boobs and viagra
    (joke… maybe!). The UK is trying to prop up housing by allowing pensions
    to be invested directly into property… a desperate move prior to means
    testing state pensions methinks. So property here will see stability for
    the foreseeable if stocks are too volatile for SIPPs. People still drink
    and smoke in depressions too… buy booze & tobacco as currency? :) What’s
    safe! Even gold is looking wobbly / perhaps manipulated. We may be entering
    the age of disinformtion wars – no fundamental growth so we need to rely on
    mass market manipulation to make any wedge.

  35. More rubbish

  36. I can’t find a fastfood job to save my life… When will the economy crash?

  37. Instead of reading from fringe lunatic conspiracy sites and stealing their
    bogus information to prey off your viewers, why don’t you actually study
    economics and say something at least somewhat intellectual. Or is that too
    difficult for you?

  38. I think it’s a pretty strong statement to make that “the IMF is there to
    loot the countries.” I’d like to hear any factual evidence you have
    regarding this statement.

  39. Your title……that’s same same they’ve been saying for 8 years.

  40. If and when the Global currencies crash or lose there bottoms will their be
    a mass scramble from the Governments to scramble to grab hard assets. Such
    as smaller countries that can’t protect themselves and then continue to
    rape them of their resources and who has the most physical might becomes
    the King of the hill?


  42. Russia did not invade Crimea as Main Street reports…..Crimean people
    voted to be independent …

  43. Thanks for all your informative videos in 2014 and best wishes from the



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