Andreas Antonopoulos in Milwaukee | A BitcoinMKE LIVE Hangout

Andreas M. Antonopoulos himself. He wanted to come to Milwaukee and talk to us, and we were fine with that. How fine? So fine that we are going to share it w…


  1. “Bitcoins: more valuable than water and food, if you believe its

    Let’s see you end government tyranny and the corrupt crony central banking
    cartel behind it—using a bottle of Evian and a turkey sandwich.

  2. Holy shit this guy is deluded, I guess water and food have to value to
    children in FUCKING AFRICA.

    I’m not surprised that buttcoiners think they might actually be able to eat
    their buttcoins.

  3. He tries to make it look like TM attack was solely MtGox issue. This is
    sad, because his words do not correlate with reality. He didn’t mention
    that the source of the problem was the open source reference implementation
    of Bitcoin wallet, and, contrary to his words, it affected not only MtGox.

    It’s weird to hear “Gox was warned”, when those who “warn” didn’t even fix
    the bug in their own implementation which supposed to be flawless, to serve
    as a reference for others. “This is exposing bugs in both
    the reference implementation and some exchange’s software. We (core dev
    team, developers at the exchanges, and even big mining pools) are creating
    workarounds and fixes right now. This is a denial-of-service attack;
    whoever is doing this is not stealing coins, but is succeeding in
    preventing some transactions from confirming.”

  4. This guy really, *really* gets it!

  5. 46:55 A wild Antonopoulos appears

  6. why andreas always says a transaction costs 40 Cent. The min. fee is 0,1

  7. skip to 47:00 for Andreas to start his talk,
    opens for questions at 1:14:15
    mentions the [MtGox “tx malleability”] issue and subsequent DDOS attack at
    1:16:50 in layman’s terms

  8. He is somewhat inaccurate about who controls the bitcoin network.
    Currently, Gavin Andresen, Pieter Wuille, Nils Schneider, Jeff Garzik,
    Wladimir J. van der Laan and Gregory Maxwell are the core developers of the
    bitcoin network. They maintain the code. If these guys were apprehended
    and torchered to modify the code in such a way to bring bitcoin down…
    then game over.

  9. If even 1% of the world currency transfers over to bitcoins then Satoshi
    (whoever he is) will be the first trillionaire.

  10. Andreas Antonopoulos, another AMAZING speach on Bitcoin! 46:50

  11. Andreas Antonopoulos in Milwaukee | A BitcoinMKE LIVE Hangout

    Inspiring stuff.

  12. How did I hear about this a week later :( Learned my lesson, need to get on
    that Bitcoin MKE mailing list! Keep up the great work gentlemen/ladies.


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