U.S. Stock Market, Bitcoin, Metals, What’s next? By Gregory Mannarino

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  1. Bitcoin simply isn’t ready for prime time. Have you seen the most recent
    development? They have shutdown 3rd party transactions until they can fix a
    security bug. The promise of bitcoin being secure and anonymous simply has
    not come through.

    There are a number of competing crypto currencies up and coming, the most
    recent to get fan fare is Max Keiser’s MaxCoin. There will be more, perhaps
    thousands more. Bitcoins have no intrinsic value, they are backed by
    nothing…at least the US dollar is backed by the United States and is
    legal tender.

    Best to transfer your wealth into hard assets, with Precious metals and
    land at the top of that list.

  2. +Gregory Mannarino with:
    U.S. Stock Market, Bitcoin, Metals, What’s next? By Gregory Mannarino

  3. Bitcoin is an existential threat to the financial industry because it has
    no central authority. It is networked and self encrypted. It is in a
    similar stage right now as internet protocol was back in the days of Mosaic
    and Netscape. I support it, but not with all I have to invest. I
    primarily support its power to disrupt the world financial system and to
    bring about a new more efficient system.

  4. Yellen will be an interesting talk

  5. All that I keep thinking about lately is what Gerald Celente has said:
    “beware of long weekends”.

  6. Bitcoin’s recent sell off is going to be good for the metals.

  7. A better name would be: “BIT-CON

  8. GREG: you must check-out Ethereum – it is Bitcoin 2.0 and will be
    available for pre-launch investment in a few weeks ( ethereum.org )…it
    will only cost about $0.70 per Ether, and it will be more disruptive than
    Bitcoin…do me a favor and just invest a few hundred bucks into
    it…cryptocurrencies are here to stay; Bitcoin will not be the final
    winner, but another one will!

  9. Can’t make heads nor tails mate…. That’s why I tune in to hear your side.
    Can you believe it’s been 14 years since i played the floor… Man I’m
    feeling old.

    Retail, I expect – there… Yellen… She’s not Ben but she’s playing his
    game…. I’m not feeling the pump though, I think we’ll see flat to drop.
    Although I’d play your marks, making coin both ways.

  10. S&P 500 to hit 1820 and then it will drop. Ok, this thing has entered a
    super cycle downwards. After 1820 look for 1640. After 1640 we will go
    below 666.72. You are going to get hurt being bullish, be careful please.
    Gold will climb to about 1420 and then we have the next downward pattern to
    sub 1200 USD. be careful, you have been warned.

  11. invest in yourself…invest in your diet

  12. Greg, I wish you weren’t so pessimistic about the bitcoin/crypto
    technologies. The are allies of the precious metals in our fight against
    TPTB. The FED will not stop it, governments will not stop it, and what
    happened today will not stop it. No technology is perfect out of the gate,
    look at the early years of the internet. Distributed decentralized
    networks of value exchange are here to stay. To say that bitcoin will fail
    is akin to saying that email would fail in its early days and people will
    go back to writing letters. The problems today lie with the incompetant
    MtGox exchanges code not with bitcoin itself. I love all the hyenas that
    come out when bitcoin hits a bump and declare it’s demise…same as 4 or 5
    times before that various issues arose. Today is a good buying

  13. if you fit a logistic curve (the famous S adoption curve) to the historical
    price of BTC, even the very low Gox price of today is 3 % above the trend
    line. We are still on the path of 1 million dollar BTC for mid 2017, just
    saying guys, now would be a good time to buy……………

  14. thx for this video particularly before the end of the market day good job


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